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Warhammer Woes

The release of the new high elves as well as the 8th ed of Warhammer came and went at a blink of an eye. I had intended to cover my experiences getting back into the game (as I pretty much missed 7th ed.) over the month of October with battle reports, painting and mucho Warhammer love. Unfortunately real life got in the way. A new job, growing family and tons of Warhammer related problems put the hobby in the back seat.

Be forewarned I’m now going to share some of the stuff that happened to me in the last 6-9 months. Some would see it as pretty mundane and boring, but bear with me as I see it as a form of therapy. Oh, if it is not your cup of tea please avert your eyes and click on a few links on the right!

August 2010: In preparation for the October 2010 month of the High Elves launch I sent out a bunch of unpainted High Elves to a notable figure painting outfit in Sri Lanka. The company, who shall remain anonymous, totally f*ucked up my models. They assembled the figures incorrectly and painted them in the wrong colors, with resulted in weeks of hair pulling frustration. The worst thing was that it could have been prevented if the right check and balances were in place. I should have insisted that they were. What is the moral of the story? If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself, or at least work with someone you trust.

September 2010: I happily bought Island of blood box set and the Big Red Rulebook. Man, that rulebook keeps on growing bigger and heavier!

October 2010: The month dedicated to the High Elves, and the time that everything should have happened but nothing did.

November 2010: I got back my figures from Sri Lanka to much heart wrenching dismay. As 50% of my models were plastic, they were essentially ruined, as they could not be fixed. The models also came back dusty, dirty and grimy.

December 2010: I had hoped that I could bring some newly painted models along to a trip in Sydney Australia to play at a GW store there. Nevertheless I still manage a game but with the store’s Island of Blood demo set. I was happy to play a dumb down game because I wanted to get a refresher and a brief run down of the 8th edition rules. I’ll post a separate post about this in time to come, but I have to say the High Elves are just over powered against the Goblins if you just take what comes in the box set.

January – March 2011: I fought with my miniature cabinet. You see, my miniature cabinet was attacked by green mold and fungus, not once but twice.

The first attacked resulted in my doing a massive clean up. I hand washed and scrubbed my 200+ models. I scrub my hands raw, not to mention breaking a few models as well. Sadly, I decided to throw out some of my unrepairable, unpainted and redundant models like Silver Helms. I also finally decided to throw out the ruined plastic figures from my failed painting outsourcing adventure to India.
The second time the fungus came back; I angrily chucked out the cabinet entirely.

April 2011: I look on sadly at my miniatures stacked in plastic boxes, and how this blog has not been updated.

May 2011: So here we are. I’m planning somehow to get back into the hobby. I like to get back into painting and some gaming. But I think I’ll start with this blog. I did manage to paint a few heroes and experiment with the new inks a few months back, but I have not got a chance to pick up a brush recently.

Any suggestions how I could ease myself back into the hobby? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Phill

    Best thing you can do is find a community where they’re happy to experiment with crazy army lists, play friendlies more than tournies and just have fun with it. I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience with the model painting people, but don’t let it get you down. Three quarters of my models haven’t seen the brush yet but I love ’em just the same and my local club doesn’t moan about WYSIWYG at all, we’re just in it for the love of the game.
    Once your hobby becomes a headache, maybe it’s time to try something else. But 8th Edition’s really a lot of fun and I think if you get some fun games in you’ll fall in love with WHFB all over again.

  2. Hi Phill,

    Thank you very much for your words of encouragement. It really made a lot of sense. You are right, the hobby stopped being a hobby and started to be a chore. Add the lack of playing partners, it becomes a downhill spiral.

    I’ll definitely find some time to get some games in soon. Thanks again!


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