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Warhammer 40K Technology Terrain Table

OMG! This is awesome! A touch screen gaming table for measuring movement and shooting. I want one for fantasy too! What a great idea for a university project. Well done guys!

Via: YouTube – Warhammer Tech Table

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  1. Psylon


    What a great project!

    Do you have it set up for all armies, or just Marines v. Chaos?

  2. That is an amazing table. We actually just started making terrain tables, and would love to show you guys some. If you would like to check out our website & give us an opinion, http://www.gibbstacticaltables.webs.com that would be awesome. Our son LOVES them, and just got into Warhammer 40k. Now, please keep in mind, ours are not high-tech, but they are perfect for 40k players!

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