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Storm of Magic Preview

GW has released a awesome preview of the Storm of Magic on their site. Unfortunately it does not seem to be any new models for our beloved High Elves but it seems now monsters are interchangeable between races. So our well missed Griffin or Pegasus riding Heroes are now back!

But be prepared for an awesome blast from the past!

The High Elves are amongst the most powerful magicians in the Warhammer world and with access to every Lore of Magic and High Magic, they can choose the spell list they feel is most suited to the battle they are about to fight. High Magic now contains Coruscation of Finreir, the only spell in the game that can create new Arcane Fulcrums, which give High Elf mages a distinct advantage over lesser races. Just be sure to protect them with a suitable bodyguard – a Dragon works nicely in this role.

Veterans will remember the well loved Coruscation of Finreir! Though originally part of the lore of fire and Finreir was a human wizard if I can remember, I’m looking forward to see how GW is going to spin the fluff on this one.

But wait there is more! I’ve shamelessly lifted the entire list of High Elves goodies (below) from the Storm of Magic mini site.

Of all the races of the Warhammer world, the High Elves are arguably the most adept in the ways of magic. It is therefore no surprise to discover that they are highly suited to Storm of Magic games. Able to wield High Magic and any of the eight Lores of Magic, a High Elf Mage is spoilt for choice with his easy access to a huger number of powerful Cataclysm spells. The Lore of Metal is potent in the hands of the Asur, with Meteoric Ironclad granting their expensive but fragile units a 2+ ward save, and Quicksilver Swords making a humble unit of Spearmen utterly deadly in conjunction with their Speed of Asuryan and Martial Prowess special rules. But remember, High Magic also grants you access to the incredible Coruscation of Finreir, which allows you to summon forth a new Arcane Fulcrum should you so desire!

Dragon Mages are susceptible to sustained enemy archery, but really come into their own in Storm of Magic games. Indeed, the 3+ ward save provided by the Arcane Fulcrum’s defensive enchantments will make a Dragon Mage incredibly difficult to shift from his lofty perch. The additional casting dice generated each time a Dragon Mage unleashes a spell will also make 20+ to cast spells such as Fireball Barrage and Withering Heat a relative cinch to unleash.

A brief glance at Vaul’s Forge reveals some fantastic magic items available to the High Elf army. For example, Folariath’s Robe will render your Mage all but immune to the enemy monsters that are so prevalent in Storm of Magic. On the topic of immunity, if your opponent is getting a bit trigger happy with his devastating new Cataclysm spells, why not solve the problem by protecting your most valuable unit with a Battle Standard Bearer carrying the Banner of the World Dragon? The Amulet of Fire is a bargain at 20 points, lending a Mage some excellent protection against both enemy magic and Flaming Attacks.

High Elves already have access to a number of monsters in the guise of Griffons, Great Eagles and three grades of Dragon. However, the availability of really tough bound monsters such as Giants, Ghorgons, Arachnarok Spiders and Stegadons can lend the Asur a solid core around which their elite units can fight. Fans of Tiranoc Chariots can also rejoice, as you’ll finally be able to use all your spare White Lions by fielding them as an independent pack of War Beasts in their own right!

Oh MY! Packs of White Lions? Wow! Mystical monsters aside, I’ve always felt a little sad that our High Elves magic has been dumbed down since the 5th edition, so this new expansion, firmly puts the High Elves back on top in the magic arms race. I’m really looking forward to this expansion, and I hope it can some how comfortably fit into casual games without players screaming “Cheese!” all the time.

What about you? I love to hear your thoughts.

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