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Official High Elves 8th Ed FAQ Released!

Everyone, the official High Elves for the 8th edition has been released online on the Games Workshop Site. Download it now to get all the clarifications you need to play your High Elves in the 8th ed.

I’ve reproduced the key ones here:

Q. The Speed of Asuryan special rule states that “all High Elves
have the special rule Always Strike First, regardless of the weapon
they are wielding.” How does this interact with a great weapons
Always Strike Last? (p43)

A. The army book will take precedence in this situation. For
example, a Sword Master would strike first with his great
weapon. If his Initiative value is equal to or higher than his
opponent’s, he will also benefit from a re-roll to hit.

Q. If a model (or its mount) equipped with Dragon armour is hit by
a flaming cannonball, flaming bolt, flaming sword, and so on, is the
model immune to the entire attack, or will they still be crushed by the
underlying bolt, cannonball, sword, etc.? (p57)

A. They are immune to the entire attack.

Q. Do lion cloaks provide any form of protection against magic
missiles (or other forms of direct damage magic)? (p58)

A. No.

Q. Does a model with the Reaver Bow suffer the -1 To Hit penalty
for firing multiple shots? Also, may a model with the Reaver Bow
fire it three times as part of a Stand and Shoot reaction? (p99)

A. No to both questions.

Q. Are the shots from the Bow of the Seafarer and the Reaver Bow
magical attacks? (p99)

A. Yes.

Wow! Always strike first even with great weapon, and re-roll to hit for higher “initiative” means the High Elves Swordmasters are just going to be awesome mincing machines!

Do check out the rest of the High Elves FAQ as well as the FAQ for all the other Warhammer armies here.

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  1. Jon

    I don’t have the new rulebook, but I was wondering if there is any word about how the Vembrances of Defense (which allow armor reroll and ward save) will be affected by the “only one save” rule mentioned on the main page of new rules to be implemented in 8th ed. If so, this seems like a non-option now…or at least a lot less worth taking.

  2. Daniel

    Hi, i have a question about the maximum 2 rare units in a 2000points battle.
    In a high elves army can one have 3 or 4 repeater bolt throwers? Because in the High Elves army book it is said that one can have 4 rare units which contradicts the 2 rare units on the 8th edition rulebook. The bolt throwers in the elves army do not count as 2 choices per rare unit choice which in the Dark Elves army book 2 bolt throwers count as a rare choice which is lame imo XD

    So i guess my question is, in a 2000pts army can a high elf player have more than two repeater bolt throwers?

    Thanks a lot guys,

  3. Andrew

    Answering dans question you can have a max of 4 bolt throwers 2 of them take up one spot. Hope that helps

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