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New Campaign at Bugmans Brewery

A new interesting campaign is being run ay my old dwarf hangout at bugmans brewery. I’m sure they will be beating up on some High Elves. Nevertheless check out their cool trailer above and the written into below.

The City of Skulls is a cursed place. Once one of the most powerful of the Dwarven Kingdoms, it is now ruled by the wandering undead, remants of the noble dwarf defenders and those of the armies which invaded it once before. Vile roots, corrupted fungus, twisted trees, and wicked plants burst forth from the stone walls, echos of the curse brought down upon the Dwarves by Nagash and his darkest magics.

Deep within this fallen place lays treasure beyond the riches of all the Old World. Riches that would make anyone who seeks to claim it the most powerful individual not just in the Old World, but in the entire Globe.

But it is not only gold and jewels that is to be found there, many powerful artifacts lay silently amongest the piles and chests of precious metals and gems. A great and powerful Horn, said to have been forged by the Old Ones for Grungni himself, slumbers deep within a most ancient Shrine, guarded by runes and spirits of the long dead.

Rumors of the cities hidden wealth has spread, and many have been drawn to the desolate dwarf hold, all seeking to gain power and glory. Commanding armies and bands of warriors, these raiders seek to unlock the cities secrets

Amongest these invaders are four powerful individuals, each commanding their own powerful alliances.

Marcus Hotchmann, a fallen prince of Averland, whom commands the mighty Geld Legion. Seeking to gain riches and redeem his name, Marcus hopes to unlock the cities treasures for himself and those who will follow him.

Kestus Bloodgruel, ruling over the Nemhian Brigade, who himself is under the command of Nagash. Driven to claim the horn for Nagash, Kestus will stop at nothing to finish what he started in the city many centuries ago.

Varnum Spinestabba, Warshaman of the Blood Moon Tribe, whose crazed madness drives the Falsch alliance. Guided by visions from the Green Star, Varnum seeks to establish the City as the beginning of an Empire of Greenskins and Skaven.

And Finally Thane Argus Shieldbreaker, marches forth at the head of the Erbe Army, seeking to restore control of the city to the Dwarves and restore honor to his blood line.

Whom will you join? Whom will you fight beside?

The Choice is yours.

This marks the first Campaign produced by Bugmans Brewery. Registration is beginning soon.

Please check out our Campaign PDFs and Campaign Teasers, found on Warseer and Bugmans for more information. Keywords for searches, Bugmans and/or Campaign.

I believe registrations has started 2 days ago, you can find instructions on how to go about signing up at Bugman’s Brewery.

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