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Finally got my High Elf Lord on Dragon!

Dragon Christmas present!

Sorry for the long break in writing as I have been very busy this year end. This also means very little time for Warhammer games and painting my 1000pts army. Well yep, as expected I have not finished painting said army. But the good news is I got my Warhammer fix by finally buying myself a High Elf Dragon for Christmas! Also picked up some of GW’s new “Foundation” paint and also some great painting advice from the Manager of the Sydney GW store. I will this painting advice as soon as I can!

Now if I can find the time to get to it and get it done…

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  1. LionQueen


    I don’t know whether or not you’ve used your Foundation paints already, but I noticed you’ve got Mechrite Red. I’ve used that on my dragon too, and I was horrified to find out that it makes the modell shiny, it has a gloss effect! So please be careful with it because it didn’t do my dragon much good 🙁

    Grtz LionQueen

  2. Hi LionQueen!

    Wow thanks alot for that TIP!!! Really appreciate it and I will watch out for sure.

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