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Feast your Eyes on the new Warhammer Age of Sigmar Models with these cool paint tutorials.

Oohs and Ahhs…check out the Forces of Light.

Part 1: Stormcast Liberators & Prosecutors

Part 2:Stormcast Retributors & Lord-Relictor Ionus Cryptborn

Part 3 – Lord Celestant Vandus Hammerhand.

Time to break out the brushes!

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New paints for my High Elves!

I’m really excited to hear about the new Citadel paint range from Games Workshop. It seems the pigments are rich, ie white covers over black undercoat, and the gold/silvers are easy to use or don’t get splotchy. Also the washes or shades flow well. Together with many new colors, it should speed up your painting as you eliminate the need for mixing and can paint directly from the pot.

As one who struggles to keep up with painting, I’m going to head down to the nearest hobby shop to check them out!

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The Month for High Elves has Begun!

The month for High Elves has begun with a bumper release of online articles and painted High Elves models (not all are nice though and many looked rushed…) at the Games Workshop site. I went down today for the latest White Dwarf but it was sold out! Imagine that…but I manage to get my hands on the High Elves Magic Card Deck. A full review on that soon! Meanwhile check out the links and some selected images below.

1) High Elf Art

2) High Elves Painting Tips (Part 1)

3) High Elves Painting Tips (Part 2)

4) Island of Blood Box Set High Elves Painting Tips

5) High Elves Sample Armies

[ NewsPainting ]

Complete Seaguard Unit and Reaver from Island of Blood

This is what you are going to get from the Island of Blood, a 10 man (or elf) High Elves Seaguard unit. Enjoy its glory. That champion still needs a head swap! Oh check out the Reaver too. Really nice.

Via: GW and here.

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Swordmasters from Island of Blood Boxset!

We have Swordmasters today! Pretty much the best you can get with a static pose.

Sword Master Champion – Like all of the champion and character models in The Island of Blood, this model has a name: Bladelord Kalaer.

Sword Master Standard Bearer – the detail is sculpted onto this banner, which makes you need only add paint for a great looking banner.

Via: GW


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