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Have the High Elves finally returned to Age of Sigmar?

Sorry for the long hiatus in High Elves blogging, as honestly, there has not been much to report about. However, I did catch wind of an image in a rumor post on the Warhammer Community that looks a lot like a White Lion pelt. Have a look:

Edit: Have a comparison with some flavourful White Lions I found online.

Noticed the White Lion pelts are always depicted with only the top half of the jaw and head? The bottom jaw is missing. Even my man Korhil and his White Lion Pelt has the same treatment.

I’m so excited. I hope we are finally back, as Age of Sigmar is rather sad without us! Let me know in the comments below what you think?

Via: Warhammer Community

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The New Edition of Warhammer is HERE and the rules are FREE!


Sorry for the long hiatus, real life got in the way and my beloved High Elves have been in hibernation. But sleep no more Elves as the new edition of Warhammer is HERE!

Called Warhammer – Age of Sigmar (or AoS in short), this is a completely different Warhammer game. So my dear purists, it is not 8th Edition. Boo…Hiss…

The good news is that GW has offered up the entire rule book (just 4 pages) to be downloadable for free. They have also put up all the army books, now called Warscrolls, and made them downloadable for free.

In Ravening Hordes style, you can get your obviously soon to be outdated armies out with the new rules for a spin before the new figures make them outdated.

Get the rules and the Warscrolls from the image link below and enjoy. Let me know what you think?


Here are the direct links to the Rules and the High Elves Warscroll.

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Pre-Order your High Elves now!


Wow, you can now officially see all the new HE models in their glory at GW’s official pre-order site.

I like how they have 1-Click unit deals that allow players to start, build or improve their HE armies in batches.


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The New 8th Edition High Elves are HERE!


Courtesy of the Baidu network, a whole range of the new 8th Ed High Elves pictures (scans directly from the army book, I bet) were released on the net. Baidu is a Social Media network from China famous for Apple leaks.

It seems the next issue of White Dwarf will be dedicated to the new High Elves so scroll to the very end of this post for a sneak peek of the High Elves sample army list found in the next issue, as well as pictures from the next White Dwarf!



















White Dwarf High Elves Army List:
Lord on Frost Phoenix
Dragon Mage with Dragon Armor

8 SH
5 Ellyrian Reavers
16-20 Archers
32 Spear Elves

20 Swordmasters with Banner of World Dragon
2xFlying Chariot with RBT

Fire Phoenix
10 Sisters of Avelorn

Noticed that Silver Helms and Reavers are now CORE! That means All-Cav HE is back. Actually if you add the dragons, flying chariots and phoenixes, you have a Flying Circus!





The final high-res image set is a real treat. It is from Volomir’s blog. Thanks Volomir!















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The Dragons have Awaken: A New Batch of High Elves Rumours and a Sneek Peek!

Click or a larger image.

The “parrots” are Ice Phoenix and the Fire Phoenix respectively. Chopped off below is a Giant Eagle mounted chariot.

Here are the rest of the rumours:

Posted by Ozguard battlehammer on Bugman’s Forum

I won’t say how I know but I can say that the next army book will be High Elves.

They have a number of new things.

Flying Phoenix’s (Frost and Fire) that can drop flame templates on units they fly over. Gets abilities based on what is roled on winds of magic

Great Eagle towing chariots (Which can have bolt throwers on them)
New Highmage of Hoeth (Swordsmaster/mage) Gets every signature from all 8 lores.
Silver Helms as Core
Martial Prowess across the board
Archer units with magical bows
Swordsmasters get a parry save vs shooting
New Shadow Warrior Models
The White Dwarf battle report is vs Ogres.

Powered by: Maelström

-HE are going to get a new war machine that mixes RBT and dragon breath/flamethrower. Nobody told Maeltröm if its something independent or part of one of the flying chariots. He thinks that maybe a new war machine.
-Some people now say there will be no MC, so maybe no dragons. Others, instead, keep saying there will be and they give very explicit details. Maelström is confident they can be one of the releases, since if they exist not there will be few new boxes and having two different infantry boxes is both unlikely and unnecessary. He will keep digging to see what he finds.
-Next magic items disappear as you know them nowadays: Star Lance, Dragon Horn, Armor of Caledor (=Imrik coming back?). There is a new magic item: Book of the Phoenix.
-Dragons have awaken. More and more powerful dragons. Imrik is coming back.
-Phoenix King is going to battle.

NEW MODELS (from MORE likely to LESS likely):
1. BOX/KIT: Flying Chariot Sky Talons. Special character on it (Finubar/Eltharion) an option for RBT/flamethrower-dragon breath war machine.
2. BOX/KIT: Phoenix/Phoenix Riders. Options for Special Character (Caradryan?), two/three types of Phoenix (Ice/Fire/Lone one).
3. BOX/KIT: Infantry: 10 Shadow Warriors/Maiden Guard (Some say they will be in two boxes and not in a multikit).
4. BOX/KIT: Monstruos Cavalry “Fire Riders” (dragons)
5. BOX/KIT: Huge Dragon/Monster. Option for Imrik.
6. BOX/KIT: New War Machine (as the one in the flying chariot option B)
7. BOX/KIT: Great Eagles.
8. BOX/KIT: Two elven gods shrines.

BLISTERS (some to be seen on may, others in the future, others never). From MORE likely to LESS likely:
1. BLISTER Warrior Mage (some say with option to build Belannaer)
2. BLISTER Alarielle
3. BLISTER Teclis
4. BLISTER Random hero

PS: Maelström’s left apart some things that we are not likely to see in years such us SHs, Spears, SMs, New Griffon and the like. He insists on saying that new release will be: 4-5 boxes and 3-4 blisters, plus book and cards. No surprises (we already know almos everything about that very point). Anyway, it will be WHFB 30th anniversary, and elves are an army that needs something flashy that we haven’t seen yet (as happened with Empire), and there may be a surprise.

I’m not super sure on the new monster mounts, but the Dragons have Awaken for sure. Can anyone say High Elves Flying Circus?


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