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I really DIG the new Lothern Skycutter!


This is a great multi-part kit with many part variations and variety of bits.

You get a:
1) Skycutter
2) Eagle
3) 4 Types of crew/bows/spears.
4) A Hero on or off the Skycutter (armed as a Seaguard Hero or BSB)
5) A Bolt thrower.

I’ll take two!










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Awesome High Elves Dragon Painting Guide!


The High Elf Dragon is one of our largest and most impressive Warhammer models. In this article Martin Footit talks about how he designed this Citadel Miniature and Neil Green provides a detailed painting guide. The article was first shown in the December 2007 issue of White Dwarf.

This awesome High Elves dragon painting guide was just released into the White Dwarf online archives. Lots of product creation goodies and painting tips, get it directly from this link here. Loved it!

[ Modeling ]

Yet another Awesome Converted White Lion Hero!

Click for a bigger image!

The lads from The Black Dragon Team are back again! This time with another converted White Lion Hero with a BIG Axe. Just beautiful and now I really want a White Lion themed army!

[ Modeling ]

Very Naughty Female Anti-Paladin

A perfect general for your Dark Elves army? Heh-heh, sometimes the enemy has all the fun!



Following the success of our previous limited edition contest miniatures, Cool Mini Or Not is proud to once again partner with Dark Sword Miniatures and Jeff Grace to offer a very naughty Female Anti-Paladin with her pet Pseudo Dragon as our next contest miniature. They wanted to go for something that would fit on the cover of Heavy Metal Magazine. They wanted her to look like a really cool Cheese Cake type villain that could work you over in more ways than one. Dark Sword Miniatures is a multiple award winning pewter miniature company that produces premium fantasy miniatures based on the artwork of legendary artists such as Larry Elmore, Keith Parkinson, Jeff Easley and Clyde Caldwell. In addition, Dark Sword Miniatures is also producing premium pewter miniatures based on the works of New York Times best-selling author George R.R. Martin. This naughty miniature is sculpted by veteran sculptor Jeff Grace who is known for his crisp execution and attention to those fine details. The picture speaks for itself. This miniature is only limited to 399 Worldwide, and 199 of them are available exclusively from our CMON shop.

Unfortunately it is Out of Stock!

Via: Coolminiornot

[ Modeling ]

Converted High Elves Hero on War Lion

Very cool and awesome Hero or Prince riding on a War Lion converted by The Black Dragon Team, perfect for your White Lion themed army!

Click for a bigger image!


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