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Blood of Aenarion: A Tyrion and Teclis Novel

Oh my! I’m pretty excited to hear that William King (of Gotrex and Felix fame) has penned a new Warhammer fantasy novel called Blood of Aenarion: A Tyrion and Teclis Novel. I was disappointment of the general lack of High Elves novels and the few by Graham McNeill are in my humble opinion quite boring. So I can’t wait! Meanwhile, check out the description below:

Tyrion: Unparalleled swordsman and tactician

Teclis: Greatest natural sorcerer of the age, his power rivalling that of fabled Caledor

Together these twins are the greatest high elf heroes to walk the earth.

A powerful daemon, banished millennia ago by the twins’ ancestor, Aenarion the Defender, has returned to wreak bloody revenge. Plucked from their home in the wilds of Chrace, Tyrion and Teclis must learn the arts of war and the mysteries of magic, as well as the secrets of survival in the Phoenix King’s court. Hunted by daemonic assassins and beset by treachery, they must fight to survive and claim their destiny as the greatest heroes of the age.

Pre-Order it now at Black Library site.

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  1. Tony

    Hopefully will be good as his Gotrek and Felix books are brilliant, but the story idea does sound a little like Raistlin and Caramon from Dragonlance

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