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Have the High Elves finally returned to Age of Sigmar?

Sorry for the long hiatus in High Elves blogging, as honestly, there has not been much to report about. However, I did catch wind of an image in a rumor post on the Warhammer Community that looks a lot like a White Lion pelt. Have a look:

Edit: Have a comparison with some flavourful White Lions I found online.

Noticed the White Lion pelts are always depicted with only the top half of the jaw and head? The bottom jaw is missing. Even my man Korhil and his White Lion Pelt has the same treatment.

I’m so excited. I hope we are finally back, as Age of Sigmar is rather sad without us! Let me know in the comments below what you think?

Via: Warhammer Community

[ Painting ]

Feast your Eyes on the new Warhammer Age of Sigmar Models with these cool paint tutorials.

Oohs and Ahhs…check out the Forces of Light.

Part 1: Stormcast Liberators & Prosecutors

Part 2:Stormcast Retributors & Lord-Relictor Ionus Cryptborn

Part 3 – Lord Celestant Vandus Hammerhand.

Time to break out the brushes!

[ News ]

The New Edition of Warhammer is HERE and the rules are FREE!


Sorry for the long hiatus, real life got in the way and my beloved High Elves have been in hibernation. But sleep no more Elves as the new edition of Warhammer is HERE!

Called Warhammer – Age of Sigmar (or AoS in short), this is a completely different Warhammer game. So my dear purists, it is not 8th Edition. Boo…Hiss…

The good news is that GW has offered up the entire rule book (just 4 pages) to be downloadable for free. They have also put up all the army books, now called Warscrolls, and made them downloadable for free.

In Ravening Hordes style, you can get your obviously soon to be outdated armies out with the new rules for a spin before the new figures make them outdated.

Get the rules and the Warscrolls from the image link below and enjoy. Let me know what you think?


Here are the direct links to the Rules and the High Elves Warscroll.

[ Modeling ]

I really DIG the new Lothern Skycutter!


This is a great multi-part kit with many part variations and variety of bits.

You get a:
1) Skycutter
2) Eagle
3) 4 Types of crew/bows/spears.
4) A Hero on or off the Skycutter (armed as a Seaguard Hero or BSB)
5) A Bolt thrower.

I’ll take two!










[ News ]

Pre-Order your High Elves now!


Wow, you can now officially see all the new HE models in their glory at GW’s official pre-order site.

I like how they have 1-Click unit deals that allow players to start, build or improve their HE armies in batches.



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